It was worth becoming a magician just for Hilton Head!

The initial contact came on a Tuesday…for an event that Saturday. It was a lady in Hilton Head, SC who had a magician cancel at the last second because of an emergency. Now, I have literally performed all over the country and in countless cities up and down the east coast. Oddly enough, I had never performed in Hilton Head…or even been there. I had always wanted to see what the fuss was about and this was a great excuse! I grabbed my wife, Kelly, and we set sail, on I-77.

Sightseeing was amazing!

Magician Bryan Saint in Hilton Head SC We spent a lot of time exploring the island. I felt like every few minutes I was saying, “I can’t believe I’ve never been here!”

Besides just walking the beach, a major highlight for me would definitely be Hudson’s seafood restaurant. Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessive I am about seafood. Seriously, name a popular city in the country and I’ll tell you where to go eat seafood. Hudson’s was incredible! Trust me, get the She-Crab Soup! We even tried to eat there a second time, but it was packed!

Second major highlight for me would be the visit to Harbour Town. I’m a big fan of golf and love to visit golf courses. I wasn’t able to play, but Kelly and I walked out on the 18th hole. I put a curse on the bunker in front of the green because I just hated it’s location.

We ate at the Quarterdeck restaurant that’s next to the famous lighthouse and had an incredible view that we took advantage of after dinner. Kelly even said that the sky and lighthouse are so perfect in the picture of us, it almost looks like a fake background. What do you think?

The Show for a Private Event

Corporate Magician Bryan Saint performing a magic show in Hilton Head, SCDon’t get me wrong! I love traveling the country to do shows in big hotel ballrooms, fancy resorts, and theaters. However, my favorite type of venue to travel for is to do a private event in someone’s home. I really get to connect with the people and learn more about the city or town I’m in.

This was such a perfect gathering. A group of people that would’ve had fun if I had read a set of IKEA instructions. They got to see something that most people don’t. I did my Magic Castle act which I typically only do at the famous Hollywood venue.

There were a few additions to the act, including a brand new routine done with two Rubik’s cubes that I’ve spent a LOT of time on. Pretty happy with the result though, which you can see in the photo. The key moment has just happened. Look at the faces of that crowd! That’s something that never gets old to me.

I closed with the routine that I won’t give any spoilers on, other than it uses a baby bottle. Yes, you read that right.

I spent time after the show just hanging out talking to people and doing close-up magic. Although, as far as the show is concerned, for a private house party, I never mind a standing ovation! Such an amazing and welcoming audience. Can’t wait to be with them again!

Are you in Hilton Head?

If you’re in the Hilton Head, SC area and interested in booking a magician for a private or corporate event, tell us about your event! Of course, if you’re not in Hilton Head and still need a magician, I’ll make an exception. 🙂

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