The Strangest Coincidence of My Magic Career!

I wasn’t sure if I was setup or, now being many years later, if I dreamed this. What’s weird is that I often times forget this story. My dad apparently tells this one more often than I do. In any event, here we go…the strangest coincidence of my magic career.

Info integral to the story.

I was just a few years into performing and doing what all magicians do that early on…work anywhere possible. A weekly gig I really enjoyed doing was every Thursday night at a restaurant called Showmars. It’s in a town called Mint Hill. In the classic TV world, this would be Mayberry’s sister city. Because most of my performances now take place in big cities, I sometimes miss performing in a small town. In any event, this small restaurant in a small town wouldn’t even be considered crowded if it was full. That’s not a putdown. It’s just a charming little restaurant where I would see a lot of regulars and handful of new faces.

Bryan Saint performing in a talent show at age 19 on an Alaskan cruise.June, some year in the past.

Around that time, my family took a vacation that I highly recommend for everyone. An Alaskan cruise. Easily in my top 3 vacations, destination-wise. We flew into Seattle, got on the ship and went to various towns throughout Alaska, with even a couple of stops in Canada. On the final night of the cruise, there was a talent show, to which everyone in our tour group that knew me insisted I be a part of. Well, couldn’t disappoint all 6 of my fans, so I signed up.

Bryan Saint meeting fans after a talent show performance at age 19.Talent Show…3800 miles from home.

I performed in the talent show. Yes I won, but I think that was ultimately because I was the only person who didn’t try to sing. But that’s another story. After winning, I was legit mobbed by 3 or 4 people. In all seriousness, it was maybe the first time in my life I felt famous. Dozens of people crowded around me and oddly enough asked for my autograph. I believe a picture of this exists, but if you don’t see it in this section, then that shows you my organizational skills on a computer. 

The Moment

While in the crowd, with quite a few being of retired age and just being overly nice, I was approached by an elderly couple. The dialogue went like this:

Couple: We just loved your performance!

Me: Thank you so much!

Couple: We always love all your tricks!

Me: (Knowing that I did some tricks for people on the ship) Thank you! Were you part of the group a few nights ago near the ping-pong tables?

Couple: Oh, no. We saw you last Thursday.

Me: Last Thursday?

Couple: At Showmars in Mint Hill.

Me: (Through the paramedic’s oxygen mask while on the gurney) YOU SAW ME LAST WEEK AT SHOWMARS???

Couple: Yes, you were performing at the table next to us. We’re planning to go again this coming week. We’d love for you to come to our table.

**Approximately one week later.**

Me: (Walking in Showmars, an elderly waves to me…..the same elderly couple from one week ago and 3800 miles away.) Since you requested me a week ago between Alaska and British Columbia, I figured I’d come to your table first.

Couple: (Turning to the nearby manager) We saw him perform on an Alaskan cruise last week!

Manager: That’s so cool! Would you like any refills?

Will never forget it.

I don’t know if this couple is still living. If so, they would likely be in their 90s. If I would ever have a moment to speak to them again, I would want them to know how I wouldn’t exchange our exchange for anything. The mileage I’ve gotten out of this story over the following 20 years is a lot more than 3800 miles. 

The strangest coincidence in my entire magic career...3800 miles away!