Company Luncheon Entertainment…You SERIOUSLY need to do this!

I used to see this all the time. Then suddenly…….it went away…..REALLY fast. I’m not sure why. I can’t imagine that budget is the issue, because I’m still booked consistently for private company events/banquets at night, which are considerably more expensive. The fact is, company luncheon entertainment is hands down one of the best thing you can do for your employees. So please read why I believe this is so important.

company luncheon entertainment1. Lunch is Lunch

I know, I’m a genius for coming up with that one. Think about it, though, companies out there will still do company luncheons for holidays. They may stereotypically say that they’re looking for a “boost to morale.” However, if the only thing they do to achieve that is bring in special food, that’s not going to cut it. Food won’t stop shop talk. Something needs to happen to put a break to anything work related. Literally, 30 minutes of entertainment will completely change the mood of the day. I’ve had client tell me that employees were TWICE as productive after the show! That wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s happened at your company, would it? A change of pace can completely alter productivity.

2. A Business Day is a Business Day

corporate luncheon entertainment

Wow, I’m really coming up with some gems here. BUT!! How often are employees out of their minds excited to come to work? It’s not a normal occurrence with most jobs. However, trust every word you read in this sentence: you regularly book killer entertainment for company luncheons, you will see a mood shift weeks before the event. Why? People start anticipating! When they see December on the calendar and they know that the Christmas luncheon is the third Wednesday of the month, they get excited. After the luncheon, there’s a lot of momentum from everyone’s good mood. That’s when people are most productive.

company christmas party entertainment

3. An Evening Party is in the Evening

Ok, I nearly Trademarked that one. Halloween or Christmas parties are normally done in the evening on a Friday or Saturday night. Chances are, the employees may have another party to attend. If they miss the opportunity to be with their coworkers in a setting that doesn’t feel like work, that won’t translate to the workday. Most company parties I’ve attended in the evening typically have 60% of the office attending at the most. Company luncheon attendance? More than 95%. So my question is, why not do a company party at lunchtime with killer entertainment and really pump some energy into your team?

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