***Ok, if you want to just cut to the chase about the special rates I’m offering, then scroll down below to “Special Rates” and that’ll give you the details!***

However, if you want to know more about why I’m doing this, listen up! The fact of the matter is, company luncheon entertainment is hands down the best thing you can do for your employees in the middle of the day. I used to see this all the time. Then suddenly…….it went away…..REALLY fast. To this day, I’m not sure why. I can’t imagine that budget is the issue, because I’m still booked consistently for private company events/banquets at night. So please, read why I believe this is so important, and if you can figure out why it went away, tell me!


company luncheon entertainment1. Lunch is Lunch

I know, I’m a genius for coming up with that one. Think about it, though, companies out there will still do company luncheons for holidays. They may stereotypically say that they’re looking for a “boost to morale”. However, if they only thing they do to achieve that is bring in special food, that’s not going to cut it. Something needs to happen to put a break in the action of the day. I speak with clients who tell me that after the performance, employees were TWICE as productive! That wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s happened at your company, would it? A change of pace can completely alter productivity, and if you do that, more money is flowing. That brings me to…


corporate luncheon entertainment2. A Business Day is a Business Day

Wow, I’m really coming up with some gems here. Think about it, though (that was the same as my last segue), how often are employees out of their minds excited to come to work? It’s not a normal occurrence with most jobs. However, trust every word you read in this sentence: you start booking killer entertainment for company luncheons, you will see a mood shift as much as one month prior. Why? People start………..anticipating! When they see December on the calendar and they know that the Christmas luncheon is the third Wednesday of the month, they get excited. And here’s the best part…they will talk about the entertainment sometimes weeks  and even months after! When people are in a good mood, productivity is often times at its best!


company christmas party entertainment3. An Evening Party is in the Evening

Ok, I nearly Trademarked that one. The fact is that, if we’re talking about Halloween or Christmas parties, these are normally done in the evening on a Friday or Saturday night. Chances are, the employees may have another party to go to. Though, if there’s nothing on the calendar, then they need to find a babysitter, which isn’t always as easy as ordering a pizza. Most company parties I’ve attended in the evening typically have 60% of the office attending at the most. Company luncheon attendance? More than 95%. So my question is, why not do a company party at lunchtime, with killer entertainment, and really pump some energy into your team?


*Special Rates*

From October through December of this year, I’m doing special rates for ANY company that would like to have me at their company luncheon. I don’t care if you’re a new client or this is your 10th time booking me, let me show you what I can do. Over the last 17 years, more than 70% of first time clients have booked me again. And more than half of the second bookings happened within one year of the first. Clients will call me six months later and tell me that the employees are “still talking about it.” Yesterday, while finishing a company event, the client told me as I walked out the door, “We want to go ahead and get you on the calendar for May.” That’s 9 months away. You call me and I will give you a guarantee like you’ve never gotten before. I really want to see entertainment at company luncheons come back.

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“Bryan is absolutely phenomenal! We have watched him perform at several large company events and have been thoroughly impressed. His charisma and ability to entertain is worth gold. There’s a reason why the same companies keep coming back and rehiring him!” – Amanda G.


Our company has used Bryan for multiple events and he always does a fantastic job of entertaining. Our guests have requested him for future events!” – Lauren J.


“Bryan Saint was absolutely amazing. He performed to a group of presidents, CEOs and senior management executives and received a standing ovation…They will be talking about him for years to come.” – Elizabeth W.


“We had a corporate Christmas party with 70 guests and “surprised” everyone with Bryan’s magic and wit, and every single person left saying it was the best Christmas party they’ve ever attended.” – Patrick C.


“Bryan’s performance was unbelievable. We had about 60 people for a private party and people are still buzzing the next day over his show. I told him we will definitely do business again! Highly recommended …worth every penny.” – Mike L.


“Bryan was extremely professional. His tricks were phenomenal and very entertaining. The entire time he was there, was never a dull moment…He is definitely hired for my next party.” – Brad H.