Don’t Waste Your Money Hiring a Magician!

3 tips for hiring a magicianBelieve it or not, I give this advice to probably more than half of the people I speak with about events. So why would I say that?

When people find out I’m a magician, 99% of the time, I get two reactions. I either get, “That’s really cool!” or I get, “Oh” followed by a look of disappointment. I can immediately determine that this person attended an event with a subpar magician, or a good magician was hired for an event that shouldn’t have had a magician. Yes, there are events that fall into that category.

I very seriously believe that a good magician is the possibly the single greatest form of live entertainment that can be hired for an event (I’ll reveal my reasons in another post). I also believe there are a few precautions you need to take before hiring one. Here are three questions you should always ask yourself before booking a magician.

1. Does a magician suit my event?

I spoke to a lady the other day who asked me if a magician was a good choice for 3 year olds. The answer is a resounding “no.” I reminded her that magic is a twist on reality. At age 3, kids are still learning what reality is. In other words, you can’t show a rope trick to someone who hasn’t learned to tie their own shoes. 

Maybe a magician does fit your event, but do they understand how to conduct themselves at your event? Is this a get-together for a guest of honor? What if the magician hogs the spotlight all night and makes the event less special for the person that everyone was there to see (Oh, have I heard stories).  

Keep in mind that a professional is going to be able to make these suggestions for you. I far more respect the entertainer that will not accept a job because he either feels he’s not qualified or it’s not the right event for that type of entertainment. That brings me to the next tip.

2. Do I have the budget for a good magician?

3 tips for hiring a magicianThis is going to require you to be honest with yourself. The worst thing that can happen is someone compromising their budget for a magician. I know you’ve heard the expression “You get what you pay for.” I have yet to see another form of entertainment be a better example of that statement. If someone doesn’t have the budget for a good magician, the last thing in the world they need to do is blow their whole entertainment budget on a cheap one. I’m never afraid to advise someone to go a different direction. Most people are appreciative when they hear why. Others may be a little disappointed. However, I’m notorious for saying, “Five minutes into the show, you’ll understand why they charge the amount they charge.”

If you want another reference for cost, I’ve outlined what I believe good magicians should cost. You can read it here: How Much Does a Magician Cost?

3 tips for hiring a magician3. Have I done my research?

Don’t be afraid to do a quick search on the internet. You can find everything from checking reviews of performers to even asking Google if a magician is right for your event. Just remember (and I know you know this), don’t get just one opinion. Find the consensus from a few people.

Final Thought…

If you’re reading this and you’ve had a bad experience with magicians in the past, I can only ask you to give it one more chance. By asking yourself these three questions, hiring a magician should be a great experience. I don’t expect you to make a 180 degree turn, but if I could get you to at least put on the breaks, I feel that’s a good start.

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