new show magicWell…it’s about time. Yes, I’m working on a new show. The show I’m currently doing has been a 5 year project.

So what do I mean by 5 year project? Nothing groundbreaking here. My process is, I write the basic structure of the show, based on what I want to say. Then I find tricks to help tell the story I want to tell. Over the last 5 years of performing the show, almost every routine is drastically different now than when it started. Some scripting has changed, some of the tricks have been changed, and some tricks have been thrown out all together and replaced by others.

So why do it all over again? First off, I don’t think it’s about having more than one stage show. People didn’t go see Frank Sinatra to hear brand new songs. They went to hear “New York, New York”. And by that respect, at least one routine from the other show will remain. Second, I also don’t think I can say, “I’m trying to make the best show for my audience”, because that’s always my goal and it never stops.

I think ultimately…it’s simply a great creative exercise.

I once again hired Penn & Teller: Fool Us consultant, Brent Braun from The Magic Firm to bring the dynamite and blast out a somewhat recognizable structure…which I should point out that he can do this in a 5 minute phone call. And now, the fun part. Audience testing! Small parts of this show have made their way in front of an audience just to see where we are. And just like that, changes have already been made. As it turns out, the trick that I was most excited about adding has already been through a drastic change and doesn’t even look like the same trick (even though it is…shhhh).

So pretty much, all this to say, “Here we go again!” I’m officially introducing a new show with a few of the most amazing moments ever seen in any of my shows over the last 19 years. Hope to see you in the audience soon!