Voices.com vs Voice123…the BIG secret!

***IMPORTANT UPDATE: I appreciate you taking the time to read this article about Voices.com vs Voice123. I would ask that after you read it, please read my most recent article on this subject called “Voices.com Reviews…MAJOR UPDATE!!” One of these companies has made a very significant change that you should know about. I will post this link again at the end of this article.***

If you’re trying to break into the voice over field, you’ve probably done some research online. Because of that, you’ve probably stumbled across pay-to-play(P2P) sites. As of now, there are two well known P2P sites: Voices.com and Voice123. Just like me when I got started, a lot of people ask the question, what is the outcome is in a Voices.com vs Voice123 match-up? The obvious reason they ask this, is because they want to know which of the two will give them the most success. I’m going to give you the answer right now…you’re asking the wrong question! OK, I know, that was a big build up to get to that ‘let-down’ of an answer, but stick with me on this.

What question should you ask?

The question is this: Am I ready to work?

Let me give you the good news about P2P sites…everybody can play! Let me give you the bad news…everybody can play. What these P2P sites allow you to do is pay a monthly or yearly fee and audition for voice over jobs. What this means is that people have to take some initiative if they want to succeed. The problem is that there are a lot of lazy people on these sites. This can include people who don’t learn how to produce good quality audio. It could also include people who just don’t audition at all. They’re sitting there, waiting for someone to come across their profile and say, “Hey! Here’s someone who’s brand new to voice overs, with no demos for me to hear and they haven’t submitted an audition for the job I just posted. This is who I’m looking for!”

It’s easy to spot those people when they write reviews. “I was on ______ website for a year and didn’t book anything.”Don’t be discouraged. Here’s what I take from a review like that…nothing. What did they do for a year? How many auditions did they submit per week? Me personally, I usually submit, at the very minimum, 15 auditions per day, and that’s usually when I have other client work to get done. When I don’t have other client work, I submit as much as 30 or more in a day. However, I have talked to angry people on these sites and their sob story to me was, “I do 2-3 auditions per day and still haven’t booked anything!”

The Big Secret

If you want this to be your living, start treating it like it is now. I’m not telling you to quit your day job. In fact, that’s the last thing I’m telling you to do. I’m also not telling you to spend lots of time away from your family. However, on a part time basis, be all in! If you could take an hour at night, learn all you can about how to audition and do as many as you can! Again, be all in!

The Hardest Part

The fear of the unknown. I don’t think people afraid of hard work. They’re just afraid they might fail. You don’t know how long it’ll take to book that first job, so you question everything. “Is this taking longer than normal?” “Are other beginners booking jobs?” “Am I doing this wrong?” I asked them all!

Then, my greatest feeling since the day I got started…I booked my first job! It was from my 244th audition. Are you ready for this? I almost quit two weeks earlier. What would things be like if I hadn’t decided to stick it out a little while longer? Here’s a better question. If someone had told me that I would book a job on my 244th audition, how many auditions would I have done per day? Probably as many as were available.

The Best Advice?

Put in the time and hard work and, most importantly, don’t quit! You never know when that next audition is going to book the job.

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