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Is Voiceovers.com really worth it at this point?

In 2019, Voiceovers.com burst onto the scene after a nice sounding build up by other talent. I have to say, it sounded great on the front end. A lot of things appealed to the talent because the site was apparently created by talent. Let’s put it this way…we were promised a surf and turf dinner and instead, we got a plate of kale. You may have my other reviews on Voiceovers.com, but here’s my honest impression after a full year.

First off, it’s still a new company…

The company started in 2019, so I can’t expect everything to be perfect right out of the gate. I’m not giving an excuse for all of the things I’m about to tell you. However, this would explain SOME of it.

Clients are VERY few and VERY far between!

Because this is a new company, I would definitely expect it to take a while for them to build up a decent size client base. However, I received more private auditions in the first year from my own website than I did in the same amount of time with Voiceovers.com.

Most weeks, I won’t receive a single audition. Some weeks, I might receive as many as 3. In the last year and few months that I’ve been on the site, I’ve received less than 100 auditions…and I’m being conservative.

Again, I understand it’s a new company, but there are two things that are giant red flags to me.

Most jobs have LOW budgets.

Now, I’m not talking Voices.com budgets. I mean that most of these are very small jobs and naturally won’t have a high budget. However, I have seen some budgets that have been significantly lower than I thought they should be. The reason this is upsetting to a lot of the talent is because the people who started this company specifically talked about how they wanted to do away with the low budget jobs. Maybe they have to a degree, but nothing that deserved the press they gave it.

Voiceovers.com Reviews. New P2P Site.I thought the new tiers were a joke.

Here it is…and you won’t believe it. I’m not sure when they added their membership plans, but this borders on dishonest.

First, they have a Limited Membership for $299. This tier claims to send you 60-75 audition invitations per month. Considering that I haven’t had one month where there was true, something seems very sketchy.

However, not nearly as sketchy as their Gold Membership, which claims to send you 110-150 audition invitations per month. If they can’t send 60, how can they send 110? But brace yourself. For this Gold Membership, they charge $3995! I promise, that’s not a typo. I didn’t type “9” twice by accident. Their Gold Membership is almost $4000! From what I can see, there’s nothing that makes this tier worth anything approaching a quarter of that price, especially since I haven’t gotten my money’s worth out of the Limited Membership.


The one pro I can give you is that not everybody can join! That’s highly needed in this industry. The mistake of most P2P voice over sites is that everybody can join, which encompasses the 80% that shouldn’t. When a client has a rush job, weeding through terrible auditions from nonprofessionals makes it less likely that your audition will ever be heard.


Pretty much everything else. Very few auditions, low quality auditions, and suspicious tiered plans.

Bottom Line

As stated in other reviews, even for the professional, at this point, there’s no way I can recommend Voiceovers.com as a good option for an online casting site. I hope that changes in the very near future. This is also the consensus from the talent that I’ve heard from. All in all, a big disappointment.

Voiceovers.com Reviews by Other Talent (more to come)

Todd Schick gave another great review with some alarming things that I haven’t yet experienced. Read it here!

As other reviews come in for Voiceovers.com, I’ll post new information. Fingers crossed!

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July 1, 2020: After speaking with someone at Voiceovers.com, they insisted that the reason I hadn’t received the advertised number voice over invitations is because I had no voice tags on my profile. Voice tags are what match your voice to a specific project. They asked me to add some and check back in with them. I filled up the 10 allowed tags (far less than they should allow) and checked back in. I have yet to receive a response. However, I have received 3 audition invitations since doing that (about 4 days ago). At that rate, I might get half of what I’m supposed to receive. Now, some professionals reading this might think that I’m using bad tags. Trust me, after 6 years on P2P sites, I know hands down what the most searched tags are and I would be willing to put money on it. Still waiting to see where we go from here.