Voice123 Reviews…Major Update, Major Problems

So as in an earlier blog post, I talked about the future change with Voice123. And now that it’s officially out…can we PLEASE go back to the old way? I’m sure you’ll find no shortage of Voice123 reviews online. However, here’s my official review on this new update.

The History

Ok, it’s possible that you’re here because of my other post regarding a Voices.com review that I did. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend that you do. Because of that company’s never ending lack of ethics, I was more than happy to report the Voice123 update. They boasted that they were stepping up and making a change to cater to the talent. I want to go on record now by saying that I believe their hearts were truly in the right place. In other words, I believe they were really trying to help the industry. Unfortunately, the result has been nothing short of a disaster that has caused hundreds of top talent to quit. (When I refer to “top talent” and what they’re doing, it’s because a private group I’m part of on Facebook that has hundreds of the top voice over talents in the online casting industry.)

New Site Format

In the nicest description I can give, it reminds me of free websites that kids used to post on their Myspace page. I mean seriously, it looks like they brought in a 15 year old to construct an elaborate website. The appearance looks fine, but the functionality is mediocre at best.


If you’ve read any recent reviews about Voice123, you’ve more than likely read this one. There were countless issues in the first few months. For example, the messaging feature never worked in the first few months! I would get a message asking if I was available to record that week. I would respond and multiple clients informed me that they never received it. A good friend of mine lost out on a multi thousand dollar job because he “never replied to the message after 3 days”, when in reality, he had replied within a few minutes.

Audition Times

No matter how old reviews might be about Voice123, this has always been an issue. However, now, I literally cannot believe is how convoluted the auditioning has become. To be fair, it wasn’t great on the old version of the site. What nearly all of the talent will tell you is that the majority of our auditions show up in the middle of the night. I’m talking about between 2am and 5am. Voice123’s weak explanation is that auditions go to talent’s in order, based on their qualifications for the job (voice type, language, age range, etc.). If that’s the case, I would like them to explain to me why jobs I’m 110% qualified for are showing up while I’m sleeping. It’s not like I’m on an island somewhere in a timezone you’ve never heard of. So, once I wake up (around 7am) and get to the inbox, there are typically 75+ people that have auditioned for each job, basically rendering it worthless.

Audition Numbers

Now, one thing that Voice123 has done right in the past is tell you how many auditions the client is seeking and how many people have auditioned for that job. Once that specific number had been reached, the auditioning for that project was cutoff. Also, Voice123 would let you know how many auditions have been reviewed for that specific project. So if you get to a job posting and see that only small percentage of auditions were reviewed, then the client has probably made up their mind. That way, you make more efficient use of your time with other auditions. Well, as unbelievable as it sounds, not only was that removed from the site, but now, they don’t cut off at the client’s requested number of auditions! Seriously, read that last part again. I’ll wait……..Ok, need a visual look at this picture?

voice123 reviews

Just so I’m clear on this, that smaller number on the right is the number of auditions the client is seeking. Are you getting this? With the auditions coming in a 3am combined with the auditions coming in that they feel I’m qualified for, by the time I get the auditions, the client has sometimes received double and even triple the amount of auditions that they were asking for. Explain any part of this to me that seems logical. Now, through my multiple conversations with the Voice123 team, they insist that this part of the site hasn’t changed. If that’s the case, why do the top talent that are members on this site collectively agree that we’ve seen our bookings plummet since this new update? So far, Voice123 can’t and won’t provide an answer.

The Bad

The site is very finicky since the update was released at the end of 2018. I don’t believe the people behind the scenes are unethical like Voices.com. However, they are very quick to listen and very slow to act. As one top voice over talent said, “I get the feeling that they’re smiling and nodding without the intent to make any changes”. For a period, the new site didn’t even have usage for projects listed, meaning that someone could post a job and not tell you what it would be used for, even if it was to air during the Super Bowl. It took them nearly 6 months to correct that issue and they didn’t even make it mandatory, which is what the major complaint was from the beginning. It’s like we needed a stool to be built and they gave us 2 legs. Just extremely odd behavior.

The Good

I still believe these people care about helping the industry. Unfortunately, since the new update, that’s all I can give you.


Collectively, the voice over community has the same story. All of us went from booking regularly on Voice123 to not booking at all. I could count on 3-4 jobs a week from Voice123 out of about 40 auditions. Since the update, I have booked one job. You read that right… one job. Yet, they’re the ones insisting that the invitation process is still the same and auditioning process is even better. I would rather them call me stupid to my face than think that I or any other talent would accept such an obviously false statement. Overall, Voice123 is currently a disasterIt’s definitely not worth the time and money, especially for someone starting out. However, don’t just take my word for it! Read Voice123 reviews posted by other top talent!


More sources will be added as they come in, as well as other Voice123 reviews.

1. Top voice talent J. Michael Collins has compiled a list of things that Voice123 is currently doing, including changes they are making, have made, and will make in the future. That can be read here.

Further Updates

November 27, 2019: As of now, I’m not seeing as much of an “audition overage” per job posted. This could possibly be due to the vast number of talent that have completely left the site. Right now, I believe the team is still working on improving the site. It’s just one of the most painfully slow processes I’ve ever seen. I’m still not giving them my recommendation.