The Virtual Meeting is no Longer a Problem!

“This is exactly what we needed!”

That’s been the feedback since day one. To be honest, I’ve been overwhelmed at the response from my new virtual magic show. It’s already been seen by thousands of people in its first two weeks. In fact, companies with a daily meeting and high schools with virtual classes for high schools have been running to this as a solution to boredom. It completely changes the way a virtual meeting is perceived by employees and students. We were just featured on FOX 46’s Good Day Charlotte and talked about on the John Boy & Billy national radio program The Big Show.

What’s the show like?

To give you some quick insight, this literally is a show that you can’t see live. Although, after 20 years of performing onstage, we’ve certainly adapted a few crowd favorites to be seen online. However, there are things in this show that you will never see in a live setting, and I couldn’t be happier about it! In fact, one of my favorite tricks in the show isn’t even performed by me. The trick is literally performed by everyone watching…sometimes over a thousand people.

And that’s all I’m going to say. I hate to do that, but this show is too much fun for me to ruin any surprises. I hope you get a chance to see it. If you’re doing a daily virtual meeting on video conferencing apps with other employees or you know a senior class that could really use a different way to close out the year, get this website in the hands of a decision maker ASAP. In 20 years of performing professionally, I have never seen more people interested in booking like I have in the last week!

Check out more info here! Or if you’re interested in discussing your event, visit the contact page.