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First off, I want to Thank You again for having me at your event! I definitely enjoyed working with you and I certainly hope we get the chance to work together again soon! So much of what I do is based around my commitment to good customer service. Feedback from my customers is what has gotten my performance to where it is today. I do take ALL feedback seriously and would really appreciate you taking just a few minutes, at most, to complete the Performance Evaluation below. While I do like to use your comments in my promotional materials, you do have the option to keep them private. Thank you again for having me and I look forward to many more events with you!




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1. In your opinion, did the program:
Enhance the Overall EventNot Enhance the Event

2. How would you rate the program?

3. How do you feel the program was received by those who attended?
Really Enjoyed ItEnjoyed ItDid Not Enjoy It

4. Would you hire this performer again?
Yes, definitely!Probably.No.

5. May we use you as a reference?

6. Please tell me what specific things I can to do change or improve my performance. (Optional)

7. What would you tell someone who asked about using my services?

8. May we quote you?

9. Do you know of anyone who might need my services for a private party or corporate function? If so, please list their name and email or phone number. (Optional)