Sorting vs. Selling: Voice123

Okay, if you know me, then you know that this is a topic I could discuss for days. For now, I mainly just wanted to apply this principle to something I’ve already discussed, as well as something that just recently happened.

So, what do I mean by sorting vs selling?

The short answer is: one takes a lot of time and the other doesn’t. Think about it. If I gave you a deck of cards and told you to find the aces, how fast would you go through it? Even at a slow pace, you could get it done in under a minute. However, if you go in with the mindset that every card will eventually be an ace, you’re going to be extremely disappointed. Are you always trying to convert people to client status? One of my favorite things I’ve ever heard…”Instead of trying to make a horse drink, just find a thirsty horse.”

sorting vs sellingWhen my dad worked in real estate, he would cold call people and deliver this nice long script he was given, word for word. He had some success, but wasn’t doing the volume of calls he wanted. Well, another guy working in the same agency was outdoing everyone in sales and in call volume. What was the magic formula was he using? When they answered the phone, he would ask one question. “Are you interested in selling your house?” If they said no, that was the end of the conversation. I mean seriously, if someone doesn’t want to sell their house, do you think you’re going to magically convince them that they should? Of course not!

So how does Voice123 fit into this?

If you read my blog post, vs Voice123…the BIG secret, then you know that it took me many auditions before I booked my first job on Besides my voice over technique not being great at the time, my skill of sorting hadn’t kicked in yet. I would do 2-5 auditions in a day and wait. At that rate, it took me right around three months to book my first job. What am I driving at? I just officially joined Voice123 and booked two jobs in a week and a half. Why was the experience so different? I did around 15-20 auditions a day and almost had the mindset of not caring whether or not I was booked. If you go into voice over auditions understanding that it’s a numbers game, you will do so much better!

Maybe this will help. If I told you that you would book a high paying job out of every 100 auditions you did, how fast would you get it done? Become a professional sorter!