wisdom tooth removalWell, a major change occurred in my life last week. I performed the last show of my life with……wisdom teeth. Yes, at the ripe ole age of…over 21, I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. However, there was one strange element to my wisdom tooth removal that no one in my close circles could understand.


You read that right. I had all 4 teeth removed (took about 15 minutes), my wife drove me home and then I just sat there, anticipating the inevitable pain that many people had me looking forward to pre-surgery. Well, day one was coming to an end and not even slight tenderness. I said, “Well, the pain meds are working miracles.” My concern, however, was the following morning because if I got 8 hours of sleep, all medication was going to have worn off by then and the only thing left would be me in the fetal position, screaming for my wife or a hammer. My eyes slowly opened after 8 hours of sleep and to my shock, I was feeling no discomfort whatsoever. I didn’t even have swelling. That continued all the way until day 3. However, on day 3, I had made a grave error…

The Grave Error…

I booked a voice over job and didn’t know it was going to be on day 3, post-wisdom tooth exterminator. But I figured, most sessions are short, around 30 minutes. Well, the tooth gods had another idea in mind. I’m convinced they were the ones that hired me for this voice over job. It was a 3 HOUR SESSION! That’s 180 minutes, of which 150 consisted of my cheeks making me feel claustrophobic since they were closing in.

Now, make no mistake about it, I loved this session. Worked with several other voice over actors and it was just beyond pleasant. But I will say, apart from how wonderful it was, it was a living nightmare. I tripped over my words constantly because I was running out of available mouth space. I got through the session and because I liked working with these people so much, I did a couple of tricks for them. That did lift my spirits quite a bit and I really hope to work with these people again so I can fully enjoy my time, considering I probably won’t get anymore wisdom teeth out unless I sprout new ones.

On the mend…

I’m currently on day 6 and all swelling from that voice over session has finally gone down. Believe it or not, I still haven’t experienced much pain. Many of my friends, the ones who told me their wisdom tooth horror stories prior to my procedure, have mainly asked 2 questions:

  1. Who was your doctor?
  2. What planet are you from?

I’ll tell you what I told my wife. If the amount of discomfort I’ve had through this wisdom tooth adventure is all I’m going to experience, I feel like I got away with something. So, if you’re looking to book me for an event post wisdom tooth removal, the show is even better with 4 less teeth!