New 2024 Sizzle Reel!

After a lot of work…yes a lot of it…we have finally completed our new 2024 sizzle reel.

Obviously, we had new footage that needed to be included, specifically the most recent win on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. After reviewing footage, we whittled it down to what you see here. The biggest issue actually was the whittling down part. We have quite a process. Nearly every show I perform is recorded. From that, we create a 5 minute video with all the highlights that were in the show. That way, anytime we need to compile a video of highlights, we have nothing but highlights to choose from. For this video, that put us at just over 4 hours of magic show highlights for last year alone. Trying to find the best, as well as keep some of our past favorites is nearly impossible. But it’s done!

Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling. Here it is! Footage from TV appearances and live magic shows…our new 2024 sizzle reel!

Side note: You may notice that some of the footage was recorded on a mobile device. That’s not done by us! Fans frequently tag me in videos on social media and, if they’re good, we ask for the footage. It will sometimes work its way into videos we release, as it did here!