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bryan saint new websiteNew Website!

After a few weeks of working with various people, I’m really excited to announce the new website! Why am I so excited about it? I’m going to talk a little bit of technical babble. You’ll find that a lot of website are created to either gear towards mobile use or towards computer use. Rarely will you see websites that can really cater to both. I’m pleased to say that this one does both quite well!

What will you see down the road?

One of the big changes is that you will see more videos on the Videos page. We’ll be sharing videos from performances, as well as short online videos. Many of these can also be seen if you connect with us on social media!

What we would like from you!

Check out the site and if there’s anything here that you would really like to see, please let us know!

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Bryan Saint, a magician, speaker and voice over artist, based out of Charlotte NC, is a multi-award-winning entertainer.

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