Magician Tries to Sell Weed to Cop…Thoughts?

Here’s an interesting factoid about magicians. We get sent A LOT of online videos of people doing magic tricks. When a video of a magic trick goes viral, I know to prepare for inbox flood. Some are good, some aren’t. Some even make me think, “Why didn’t I do that?” The video I received this past week was definitely a new one. A magician tries to sell weed to a cop…

Take a Look…

Any Questions?

A magician tries to sell weed to a cop. Ok, that’s new. Although I’ve been hit with all kinds of questions, the top two have been:

1. Is it real?
2. Was that really a good thing to do?

I certainly can’t confirm whether or not this was 100% real. I think as far as Calen Morelli’s purposes for it are concerned, it doesn’t really matter. So if we can, let’s bypass this question and get to the real meat of the overall feeling of the video…Was it really a good thing?

I think we can all agree by default, this seems like a less than grand idea…considering it’s illegal. However, let’s look at the other side of the coin. The video has the feel of one of these ‘prank me’ type videos or a Candid Camera style. Here’s what I believe. Calen Morelli wanted a creative and original way to show off some of his skills that would hopefully go viral. As far as I’m concerned, he succeeded.

Here’s something you might not know. Calen Morelli already had a name for himself among the magic community well before this video came out. He’s even been a creative consultant for David Blaine and David Copperfield. I don’t know any magician currently who wouldn’t like to have that on a resume.

magician tries to sell weed to copSo what harm could the video have?

Obviously, I don’t want people thinking that magicians use their skill to do illegal things. I really just see one possibly big negative. Depending on who your clients are, some may very simply not want to be associated with this kind of video. Marijuana has certainly had it’s time in the spotlight recently regarding legalization. This has brought out the arguments from both sides. Some groups like to avoid a potentially controversial topic. My personal preference would be to stay away from possible controversy. I also don’t think people are saying that Calen or other magicians are criminals. Overall, my hat’s off to him for creating a viral video that showcased his sleight-of-hand. Hope it works well for him.

Of course if you’d like a magician at your event (that won’t sell anything illegal), you’re welcome to contact us!