One of my other favorite venues!

The Sunsphere in Knoxville TNAfter YEARS of performing in Knoxville, I finally got to learn something I never knew…that big gold ball in the sky is actually a venue! Now, if you live in Knoxville, you’re thinking, “Duh.” I had no idea. I’m literally in Knoxville for multiple events a year. Have always seen this gold ball, but never knew what it was. As far as I knew, I was the coolest water tower I’ve ever seen. However, one of my long time Knoxville clients called me and said, the venue for this year is the Sunsphere.

“Ok, what’s it like?”

“It’s that gold ball you see in the sky.”

I completely flipped. Had no idea. Trust me, if you’re booking a magician for a walk around event in Knoxville TN, I cannot begin to express how perfect this venue is!

The layout is very different…

Rather than a big room as would typically be the case, the layout here is like a donut. No matter where you are, I would say a maximum of 30% of the “room” is visible.

Ok, why is that a good thing?

If I’m in a group of less than 150 people, it will take all of 10 minutes for everyone to know I’m there. Big reactions get attention. However, in a donut shaped environment, it almost acts as different rooms. If 75% of the people can’t see me at any given time, this allows me to focus all attention on the 25% that can. Any reactions heard by the other 75% actually builds more anticipation. The reason is because they don’t have the option to attempt to watch me from a distance and maybe a spoil a surprise later.

Magician Bryan Saint performing during sunset at the Knoxville TN Sunsphere

It’s also an added bonus when they know there’s a magician. Hearing reactions and knowing it’s the magician builds excitement and a lot of curiosity!

Sunset is the perfect time…

Only do this if you want the view to be twice as good! I began performing about 30 minutes before sunset. Since windows surround the event space, we had the Knoxville skyline with a view of the sun going down behind the mountains in the distance. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Book the Sunsphere!

If you’re in Knoxville booking a cocktail party or a dinner event and don’t need a formal presentation on a stage, do yourself a huge favor and book the Sunsphere.

Magician Bryan Saint performing at the Knoxville TN SunsphereMagician in Knoxville, TN!

If you’re in Knoxville, TN and are looking for magician to have at an event, tell us about your event!

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