My Wife and I love Charleston!

Who better to book a magician in Charleston, SC than…another magician? Granted, I do several shows in Charleston every year, but this one couldn’t have worked out more perfectly!

It was my wife, Kelly, and my one year anniversary. We basically duplicated our entire honeymoon, which consisted of a few states and hotels. One of those happened to be Charleston. Now, I should point out that when I’m on vacation with my wife, I’m not actively trying to book events in the same cities that we’re going to be in. However, this was an out of the ordinary case.

Call from a magician…

I got a call from a magician that had seen me on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. She was actually putting together an event for retirees in the Charleston area and her performance mainly geared towards kids. We had a great conversation. I learned that her dad was also a professional magician. So because she grew up in that environment, her knowledge of magic was next level! Being magicians, we covered all kinds of topics and finally got around to discussing the event.

Understand, my wife and I had already booked the hotel for our one night in Charleston. To my utter shock, the date of the event was the exact day Kelly and I were going to be there. Not only that, the timing of the event could not have fit more perfectly into our travel schedule for the day.

Magician Bryan Saint performing at company event in Charleston SCThe crowd…

What an audience! Many of them retirees or upcoming retirees! I came in and did the special half-hour version of my show, including a brand new ending that I’m testing on a few audiences.

Funny unexpected moment…

As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, one thing I like to do is look for moments where I can completely go off-script. A new bit was officially born during this show.

Now, it’s stated very clearly in my contract that there’s to be no video recording during the show unless you’ve obtained permission by us. However, I know that EVERYONE is now a traveling videographer, with a 4k camera in their pocket. So obviously, I’m not going throw a tantrum if someone is recording. Most people just record if the person they came with is on stage. However, if someone’s randomly recording the show, I love to have some fun!

Magician entertaining retirees with a volunteer's phone in Charleston SC magic showAbout halfway through the show, I looked down and saw the rectangle being pointed at me. As I approached, I saw that it was actually going straight to Facebook Live, of all things. I asked to see the phone and, rather than stopping the live stream, I got the person’s name, looked straight in the camera and gave a disclaimer:

“To Facebook friends of Olivia, My contract states that recording and live streaming is not allowed during the show. The only way to keep her from being prosecuted is not to share this video. And tell your friends to visit my website at for more magic…or just share this video.”

The audience fell apart! It took a full minute to get the show back on track. Near the end of the show, I profusely thanked this lady in front of everyone for live streaming me. Then followed it up with, “I hope it happens every show!”

Needless to say, it went well. I hung out after and chatted with fans, which I always love!

Are you in Charleston?

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