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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend…

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy (2 days late) Thanksgiving. I hope you were able to spend time with friends or family or both! My family did their usual. We had lunch at the Rolling Hills Country Club. There’s a large buffet there with more types of food than you could ever imagine (or maybe you could). That being said, I must confess a secret: I really don’t care for turkey. I know…sacrilegious but it’s true. I just never have cared for turkey. That being said, I always eat a little turkey just to be a good sport. My plate was mostly filled with prime rib, salmon, cocktail shrimp and stuffing and yes, they had all of those things there. It was amazing. However, being able to spend it with close to 15 family members was even more important than the food. I do my best to enjoy those times to the fullest and I would always encourage anyone else to do the same thing. So with that being said, Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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Bryan Saint, a magician, speaker and voice over artist, based out of Charlotte NC, is a multi-award-winning entertainer.

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