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Quick Halloween Tip…I know, I’m late.

Here’s a quick Halloween tip for anyone that will actually be pretty useful if you’re going to be having a party, movie night, or entertainment.


halloween safety tipsThe ‘so-called’ problem!

Here’s a quick question for you: Have you ever had your doorbell ring once or twice on Halloween night? You’re not alone! I have performed at many private parties on Halloween night and this past Friday was no exception. Despite the fact that weather became an eventual deterrent, there were a few trick-or-treaters that pounded on the door with the demands of being fed. That’s all fine and good, but what if you’re having a party and will be showing a lot of scary movies or, even scarier, you’re going to have a magician to entertain the guests? Well, you don’t constant interruptions. What can you do?


The ‘more than so-called’ solution!

It seems obvious to just leave a bucket of candy outside for kids to come by and take their pick. However, some may feel that the lack of surveillance gives them the green light on taking a handful of candy. There’s actually a simple fix. Either buy some kind of fake monster (as opposed to a real one) to sit in a chair and hold the bucket of candy with a sign that says “Take 1” OR, leave the monster out of it. Put a sign next to the candy that says, “Please take only 1. I’m watching you.” I’m personally a fan of this method because a monster might scare some kids. Also, if the parents are waiting on the sidewalk, they typically see the sign and provide addition instruction to the child(ren). And where is the best place to put this? Right in front of the door so kids can’t easily get to the doorbell. Instruct your party guests to come to the side door when entering.

There! Simple, but effective. No doorbell interruptions, no kids grabbing a handful of diabetes and no kids (hopefully) getting scared! So, remember to use this 364 days from now.

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