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Halloween Safety Tips…Keep the kids safe!


I don’t have kids and it’s been a while since I was one, but I would be willing to bet that the kids of today like candy as much as I did way back when (and still do for that matter). The problem is that Halloween doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being the safest annual event. I know that you probably want your kids filled with a ton of sugar just a much as the next parent but it’s important that a little bit of caution is used. Below I’ve got four Halloween safety tips that parents should follow if they have any trick-or-treaters in the family. This stuff is common sense to some parents but not to all of them so feel free to pass it along as needed.


halloween safety tips1.) Make sure the kids are well equipped.

Masks should be easy to see out of, no big shoes or long skirts that could be tripped over, flashlights in case of dark areas and the costumes shouldn’t be solid black so the kids can be easily seen when crossing the street.


2.) Don’t send the kids out by themselves.

I walk around the neighborhood every year to see a couple of houses that go all out with decorations but last year, in addition to the decorations, I saw 2 girls no older than 8 years old walking by themselves around the neighborhood without a parent in site. There’s absolutely no need for that. Even though there might be a lot of people walking in the neighborhood, too much can still happen. There should always be a responsible adult with the kids.


3.) Stick to the houses that you know.

This is hard for the kids to grasp, with a neighborhood full of candy all around them. However, too much can happen with unfamiliar houses which brings me to my last tip…



There’s a reason I put this one in all caps. Although I’ve heard some people call this urban legend, it actually happened to a friend of mine. When I was in elementary school, my friend was given an apple at a stranger’s house while trick-or-treating and when cut open, a razor blade was found inside. Be sure to check EVERYTHING your child gets whether it’s from a stranger or a friend because you have no idea where your friend could’ve gotten it from.

A great way to keep the kids on a sugar high without all the worry of trick-or-treating is to take them to a church fall festival. A TON of candy is given out at those things and it’s definitely a safe environment for the kids.

Remember that nothing bad is likely to happen but it’s a lot better to be a little over cautious once a year rather than be the rare exception and live every year in retrospect. Keep the kids safe the Halloween and make it a happy one!

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