A Rare Festival Appearance with a Cool Story

Bryan Saint makes rare festival appearance!I rarely make appearances at festivals. When I say rarely, the last one was at least 8 years ago. BUT!!! I have to say that I loved being a part of this one. It was some really great families at a really great event. I performed in this cold setting with my hands numb enough that even I was impressed by what I was doing. The show went really well and I even received a standing ovation from the people that were already standing. Thank you.

A Festival Appearance with a Cool Story!Now, as I said, I rarely make appearances at festivals, but I’m really glad I did this one. Immediately following my show, this family came up to me and said, “You performed at the cocktail hour at our wedding years ago!” Now, I pretty much never have a performance where someone doesn’t confess to seeing me somewhere before. However, this one was different. This wedding that I performed at was exactly one week before my own wedding. That performance was the last one I did before Kelly and I were married. But what made this reuniting even better was that neither couple was just a couple anymore. They introduced me to their son and I got to show them pictures of our daughter (now 9 months old).  Just thought this was a really cool moment that I wanted to share. And even though our stories have synced up very similarly, we did not pledge our children to be married to each other. And please don’t comment “yet” because that ship has sailed and sunk. 

Oh yeah, in case you weren’t aware, my wife and I are now parents. I know, we’re surprised by it too. I think it’s going pretty well and our daughter approves. In fact, yesterday, she reached up with her little hand, touched my face, and tried very hard to remove my bottom lip. But, my wife can sew and we’re back in business!