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The dumbest question I’ve ever been asked after a performance!

Can you make my wife disappear? If I give you a one dollar bill, can you change it into a hundred? Can I take you to Vegas and you help me win at Black Jack?

These would be just a few of the many questions I’ve received over the years. In fact, I would consider these “par for the course”.  People love to ask questions like this just to be funny. And no matter how many times I’ve heard these questions, I’ll always laugh or make a funny comment. HOWEVER, on one occasion, I honestly didn’t know how to respond. It’s hard to know what to do when you get a question and believe the person is being funny….then quickly learn that they are serious!


watch stealThe Setup

As some of you may know from either seeing my live show or watching my promo videos, I will steal watches in performance and give them back to a terrific roar of laugher and applause from the audience. Well, while visiting my dad at the high school he was teaching at, I did a few tricks for the seniors in the cafeteria. I ended my performance by giving back a couple of watches, which was met with a reaction so loud, it rattled the walls.


The Punchline

After my unplanned performance in the lunchroom, I walked with my dad back through the school to get to an exit. As I was just about to leave, a very pleasant looking girl came up and said “I just wanted to meet you.” Now, being a very recent high school graduate and her being about my age, I thought I would talk to her for a bit. Before my dad could tell me bye and head back to his classroom, she said, “That watch trick was amazing!” I thanked her and the rest of the dialogue went like this…


dumbest questionHer: Can you do that watch trick on me?

Me: (Notices she’s not wearing a watch) Ummm…you’re not wearing a watch.

Her: Oh yeah. (Slight disappointed face) But can you do it anyway?


That was hands down the dumbest question I’ve gotten after a performance. And in closing, let me say that I refuse to tell you the light color of her hair, because I refuse to further the stereotype.

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Bryan Saint, a magician, speaker and voice over artist, based out of Charlotte NC, is a multi-award-winning entertainer.

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