Clean humor…why I’m not dirty.

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Clean humor…why I’m not dirty.

I’m going to to keep this one short and sweet. The other night, someone asked me why I kept my performances so clean. They were really asking because I had just done a trick surrounded by people with the foulest mouths heard this side of a comedy club and I guess I stood out. The answer is pretty simple: I’ve never had a complaint for being too clean. Now, granted, I’m not someone that believes that a performer should conform 100% to their audiences way of thinking. In other words, you can’t please all the people all the time. I actually had a lady come up to me after a show and said, “You have such a great show and I think it would be perfect if you didn’t use cards, since they symbolize evil.” Okay, I know that’s an extreme example but I’ve had several people mention things they didn’t care for about my show that would be considered ‘nitpicking’. One person told me that my saying “Oh my gosh” offended her whole family. Again, an extreme example but I do my best to keep my audience happy. I’ve learned that clean humor (free from curse words, political statements, and anything edgy or controversial) seems to get a lot more laughs…plus a lot more compliments…plus lot more bookings…which makes me happy…The End.


clean humor“I like being a clean comedian. You don’t have to ever change your material for an audience. For instance, when you perform on network television, there are certain standards you have to adhere to. If you’re clean, you don’t even have to think about that.” – Brian Regan, multiple winner of Best Club Comic

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Bryan Saint, a magician, speaker and voice over artist, based out of Charlotte NC, is a multi-award-winning entertainer.

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