Get MUCH higher attendance at your Christmas party!

This party tip is short, sweet, very effective, and…if you haven’t tried it, you probably won’t, so feel free to stop reading. If you have tried it, you already know it works!

Where the people actually are…

You have the entertainment, decorations, food and drinks. Why are you not getting the attendance you want? This might hurt a little. If your party is on the weekend, it’s likely a conflict with one of several other events that your potential guests are being invited to. These can be parties, school events for the kids, family get togethers, company parties, corporate events, or church functions.

party tipHow to get them to your party…

Have the party Monday-Thursday. It’s really that simple. If you think having a party on Friday or Saturday is a good idea, you’re right…..January-September. People love a party on the weekend, but if you’re one out 3 parties your guests have been invited to for the same night, what makes your party THE one to attend?

I can tell you from 17 years as a professional magician and doing hundreds of Christmas parties, the most consistently well attended parties I’ve ever seen in December have been during the week. The days are simply much less in demand for people. I know this because you can pick any weekend date in December and I’ve already received anywhere from 10-200 inquiries about it. You read that right. I have received as much as 200 inquiries for a single date in December.

It may be tough to take the plunge of booking on a weeknight. Remember, people love a party on ANY day! Think of people who hate Mondays that have an invite to a party that night. Of course they’re going!

A Bonus for Everyone! (yes, monetary!)

Because weeknight parties typically don’t have competition with other parties, you will spend typically anywhere from 30%-50% less as far as overall cost goes. That includes venue, catering, venue staff, tech rentals, DJs, decorations, entertainment, name it, it’s probably less expensive on a weeknight. 

I know, it’s a simple party tip. However, give it a shot and thank me later! Or if you’re interested in having entertainment at your Christmas party, tell us about it!