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Christmas Party Tip: Get MUCH higher attendance!!

This party tip is short, sweet and very effective!


The Problem

You have the entertainment, decorations, food and drinks. Why are you not getting the attendance? This might hurt a little. If your party is on the weekend, it’s likely a conflict with one of several other events that your potential guests are being invited to. These might not be just parties. They might be school events for the kids, family get togethers, or even church functions.


party tipThe Solution

Have the party Monday-Thursday. If you think having a party on Friday or Saturday is a good idea, you’re right…..January-September. People love a party on the weekend throughout most of the year…but in December? Let’s face it, people just have a lot to do on Friday and Saturday that they can’t get done during the week. I can tell you from 17 years as a professional magician and doing hundreds of Christmas parties, the most well attended parties I’ve ever seen in December have been during the week. The days are much less in demand for people. I know this because you can pick any weekend date in December so far and I’ve received 10 calls about it. I don’t have every weekend booked yet, but the call volume should tell you what the in demand days are like. It may be tough to take the plunge of booking on a weeknight, but if you do, you’ll see the difference. The people who book me for weeknights never seem to have any question on whether or not it’s a good time.

Case in point, I just booked a company Christmas party for a Thursday night. The lady that booked me said they chose Thursday because they wanted to respect people’s weekends.

Give it a shot and thank me later!

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Bryan Saint, a magician, speaker and voice over artist, based out of Charlotte NC, is a multi-award-winning entertainer.

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