The Best Voice Over Tip: What you should NEVER say!

You can choose to accept this or not, however, I strongly recommend that you do. Why do I consider this the best voice over tip for the beginner? Simply because I’ve heard many producers and agents say how sick they are hearing it. In fact, I’ve heard a couple of them say that once they hear this line from someone auditioning, it’s almost an immediate “no.” Thankfully, I’ve only said it once in my life and it was to a friend who’s a voice talent. He let me know (rather bluntly) that I should never say the line to ANY producer if I want a fair shot at them considering me for work. Have I convinced you yet? So what’s the dreaded line?

“Everybody says I’ve got a great voice.”

So far, I don’t believe there’s a voice talent that’s living that can deliver that line in an attractive way.

So why is it such a problem?

best voice over tipThink about American Idol. How many times have you heard someone say, “My friends tell me I sing great”? Then you hear them “sing” and you realize that either their friends are extremely nice or they’re listening with their feet. Whether it’s the judges on a reality TV singing show or a producer for a big production company, they know what they’re looking for. It’s nice to go in with confidence, however, telling a producer that your non-producer friends approve of your talent does not exactly qualify you.

Heck, I’ve been told by producers, directors, agents and national voice talents that I have an incredible voice. BUT!! When I talk to an agent or producer, you will never hear me offer that information as a talking point. For one reason, I could’ve made it up…I didn’t, but I could’ve. And second, I may not be the kind of voice they’re looking for in the first place. Even if I’m unanimously picked out of 100 people for another job, if I’m the wrong person this job, I’m not getting picked, even if I’m the only one auditioning. 

What do I recommend?

Go in with the confidence that says you’re going to do your best and if they hire you, you’re going to deliver five star service! Bingo! Best voice over tip I can give you anyone starting out!

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