Avoid politics on social media…what’s the point?

I know, I’ve posted something similar before, but I just wanted to highlight this portion, because political issues are really overtaking social media. Now, more than ever. If you’re using your page to interest and stay in contact with clients, potential or repeat, you need to get this in your head now. Political posts are always a mistake! Change my mind. You can’t! 

Just reporting the facts…whether you agree or not.

avoid politics on social mediaFact 1. People already have their minds made up about political and controversial issues.
Fact 2. Your post isn’t going to change their minds.
Fact 3. Unless your only goal is to tick people off, those kinds of posts destroy any professionalism you might’ve been conveying to potential clients.

I could not be more serious without beating my fist on the table. Business owners (and people) who post anything controversial are literally posting a train wreck. I made the decision to stop controversial posting in 2013, when I made one post that collected 79 comments in just under 5 minutes. I had ticked off everyone including myself. Ticked off people posted comments for the other side and more ticked off people posted comments that disputed the comments from the original ticked off people. It was an utter catastrophe that was enough for a friend to call me and say, “I completely agree with what you posted. Now delete it immediately!” He was right. If that post had stayed up, I would’ve lost more people in 24 hours than I had gained in the previous 5 years.

Believe me, I get it. My political views are just as strong…if not stronger…than a lot of my friends. I’ve just decided that social media life is so much better refraining from those types of posts. If you have to post controversially, I suggest you get on a forum and do it anonymously.

Consider this…

avoid politics on social media1. Today, a lot of people are posting about how we should “stop the hate.” If that’s true, then is posting something controversial helping the situation or hurting it?

2. I’m not saying ignore the bad. There are bad things out there, but trying to back people into a corner will not bring you to an agreement, even if that agreement is to agree to disagree.

3. Me personally? I LOVE to poke fun at controversial statuses by taking a different route. Just a funny kind of “harsh” that people know is a joke and nothing more. (i.e. My man, Dwight, in the picture)

Ultimately, it’s still your page.

I know this is a given, but it’s your decision on what your page is filled with. Just keep in mind what you want the end result to be. Will you win more people or lose more people? If your opinions will cost you 50% of your audience, is that worth it to you?