Bryan Saint Magician_Asheville Christian AcademyIt’s really hard for me to single out groups to talk about. However, I just had to say that the group this past Tuesday night was fantastic! As it turns out, this show came about because a guy I was in 6th grade with, Wade, saw that I was doing virtual shows. Kind of fun to see some things come back around. I won’t say exactly how many years had passed before it came back around, but we’ll just say it was at least 10.

Around 75+ devices called in, and averaging at least a few people per device, we had a few hundred watching. It was great to hang out with the high schoolers, as well as the parents and the staff. It was really cool to celebrate the seniors though. I closed by saying to them what I say to all senior groups right now. Once this lockdown is officially over, get together and have a final senior party/send off/etc.. I encourage someone to create a Facebook group just for that senior class and as soon as the lockdown is over, send out the invitations. A delayed senior celebration is better than no senior celebration.

So, all that to say…Thank You Asheville Christian Academy! It was awesome and I hope we get to do a live show later this year!

If you’re interested in having a virtual show for your graduating seniors, check out more information here. You also contact us here!

Asheville Christian Academy Screenshots!

Asheville Christian Academy
Asheville Christian Academy