America’s Got Magic…in Mooresville!

Magician Bryan Saint at the Mooresville Performing Arts CenterYes, I’m late to write this one. I’m now realizing I could say that for a lot of these, but here we go. June 25th of this year, I was part of a show in Mooresville, NC in the 1500 seat Mooresville Performing Arts Center! The show was called America’s Got Magic.

First, it has to be said, this is a BEAUTIFUL theater. It was very recently renovated and had everything I could possibly dream of. One of my favorite features was that the entire back wall of the stage was a screen. I didn’t use the full screen, but it was comforting knowing that I could. 

What made it so fun was getting to perform with 2 other magicians, which is not something I get to do a lot of in my one man show (hence the ‘one man show’ aspect). We each did a half hour. I opened the show, then one of my closest friends in and out of magic was on second, John Michael Hinton. Then, closing out the night was Elliot Zimet. All three of us have been on Fool Us, John and I the same season. Elliot was on AGT years ago and my voice was on last year (I was self conscious about the rest of me). To be honest, if I’m allowed to brag, there was some killer magic on that stage. I really believe the audience got to see something special that night. 

Magician Bryan Saint performs in Mooresville, NC!

Usually, I enjoy the smaller venues more, but I loved this more than I ever thought I would! The theater was packed out, the audience was on fire (figure of speech), and we signed autographs and took pictures with people after the show for more than an hour. I was so great to meet so many fans. Plus, friends that I hadn’t seen in years came up to take pictures with me while I pretended not to know them (that’s possibly a joke). I’ll have clips of the show added to the site soon.

Not to give any spoilers, but we were given a big thumbs up by everyone working behind the scenes and have already been told that they would love to have us back. I’m not speaking for everyone, I’m simply relaying a message…we would LOVE it!

Bryan Saint stares down an audience member in Mooresville, NC!