3 Things that will get you more Likes on Facebook

likes on FacebookHow’s your Facebook looking? How about your posts? Since social media is a great way to let people know about your business (if you’re a business owner), getting more people to interact with you on your page can be huge! There are so many ways to get people to click the notorious Like/React button, but I’m going to give you three quick things that you can start doing right away that will get you pretty fast results, meaning a lot more Likes on Facebook.

1. Make People Laugh!

This right here will change your Facebook page. This is when I started to see the rise in my Facebook Likes. I put this as number one because I believe it is number one. At least a few times a week, I post a status (non-controversial) that gets people laughing. If you have to, go to to Google and type in “Funny Facebook Statuses.” You’ll get plenty of sites to pick and choose from. Just copy a one/two sentence status and post it on your page (that’s what they’re there for). People will love you for it!

2. Share Something Important

Now, don’t make this an every day event, but once every week/two weeks, post something that has real value. This can be anything from a helpful tip for people in their every day life, maybe a life hack, or it can even be a post about how much you love your family. All of these have value, just different kinds I like to post pictures of my family and brag on them. Also, if I have a cool story from my show, I’ll often post it. This is a way to add texture to your page so it’s not always the same.

3. Timing is Everything

I’ve had a change of heart about this one, so this is an update. There are websites that show in detail when Facebook traffic is at its highest each day. I’m not shooting down this idea. It’s the idea that was initially in this article. The fact is, times change and so does technology. I was convinced that the best time to post was Monday through Friday, 2PM-3PM. Then it changed to Tuesday-Thursday, with some posting as early as 5am for maximum results. Well, get ready for me to make your life much easier. Here’s the best time to post that thing you’re thinking about posting…post it when you’re thinking about it. Yes, there may be some benefit to posting at specific times, but social media is now all about volume and engagement. I’ve seen top influencers (hate that word, by the way) posting as often as four times a day. Not saying you have to do that, but the more you post, the more engagement you’ll have. The social media algorithms are more likely to put your posts in the new feeds of the people that are engagement with you already. Consistent posting is the perfect way to grow engagement. So, throw the clock out the window and just post when you feel like it.

Bonus tips!

Your engagement with others is just as important to having engagement on your page. Recently, I got curious about someone whose name I hadn’t seen on my news feed or Likes in years and I just looked up their page (not officially stalking). All I did was read their last few posts. My very next post, they were one of the first people to Like it. This is not me granting you permission to stalk people. BUT!! Don’t be afraid to interact the posts on your news feed as well!

Also, be honest on your page. Be yourself, and yes I know that sound cliche. However, even in my funny statuses, whatever I’m joking about fits me. For example, I love what I do and literally can’t wait to start work every day. It would be a lie if I posted a funny status about hating Mondays. I know this seems small and insignificant, but it ended up being much bigger than I first thought.

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