likes on FacebookSo, how’s your Facebook looking? How about your posts? I certainly don’t have my friends maxed out on the massive social media site, but I’ve got a fairly big number. Since social media is a great way to let people know about your business (if you’re a business owner), getting more people to interact with you on your page can be huge! There are so many ways to get people to click the notorious Like button, but I’m going to give you three quick things that you can start doing right away that will get you pretty fast results, meaning a lot more Likes on Facebook.


1. Make People Laugh!

This right here will change your Facebook page. I put this as number one because I believe, without question, it is number one. At least a few times a week, I post a status (non-controversial) that gets people laughing. Ok, so what if you’re not the class clown that I was? Go to Google and type in “Funny Facebook Statuses.” You’ll get plenty of sites to pick and choose from. Just copy a one/two sentence status and post it on your page (that’s what they’re there for). People will love you for it!


2. Share Something Important

Now, don’t make this an every day event, but once every week/two weeks, post something that has real value to you. Me? I like to post statuses that have to do with my family. Sometimes, when we’re on vacation, I’ll post a picture or two and talk about how nice it is to be with them. Also, if I have a cool story from performing, I like to post it. When I do, I always like add how blessed I am that I get to do what I love. People like to see that “emotional” side of you, even if you’re not being too emotional.


3. Timing is Everything

I could put this paragraph in a book and sell it…but I’m giving it to you for free. The way that Facebook posts really get in the public eye, is when the post has so much interaction (Likes and comments), that it shoots to the top of everyone’s newsfeed. Now, I have posted great pictures and statuses that have gotten over 100 Likes and dozens of comments and then, I’ve posted similar statuses that have gotten next to nothing. As it turns out, timing seems to have almost everything to do with that. Well, after looking at posts from the last few years, I believe I have discovered the key time to post something to Facebook. Ready?……Monday through Friday, between 2PM and 3PM Eastern Standard Time. Challenge me on that, I dare you! If a majority of your Facebook friends are in the US and Canada, this is the guaranteed time to hit most people. The reason so many people don’t get Likes on their posts is because only the people in their time zone are awake. 2PM here on the east coast is 8AM in Hawaii. Most people are awake! Now, why not post later? Feel free to laugh at this: studies have shown that people check their Facebook more regularly on their computers at work than on their phones at home (when they’re not on the clock). Catch ’em at prime time!


Always do this!

You should be doing this anyway, but on social media, just be honest. Every now and then, I’ll use a status from one of those “funny Facebook status” sites. However, I make sure that what I’m posting is true to who I am. I’m honestly not person that likes to party and drink a lot of alcohol, so I’m not going to post something about being hungover, even if it’s one of the funniest statuses I’ve ever read. Since I do see Facebook as a potential to make business contacts, I try to keep it as professional as possible. Always do the same!