Bryan Saint knows entertainment! Based out of Charlotte, NC, as a magician and speaker, Bryan has performed for tens of thousands of people, both nationally and internationally as well as in multiple TV and film appearances. Not only is he professional on the stage, he’s just as knowledgeable behind the scenes, working as a consultant for many other entertainers, as well as working as a producer with a list of clients that includes ESPN and Coca-Cola. As an entertainer, his list of satisfied clients is simply a tribute to his knowledge of the entertainment world.
From small private parties to large stage shows, Bryan Saint will take more than the steps necessary to help create a successful event. In addition to the performance, Bryan is also a consultant to his clients, helping with such details as the setup of a house for a party to determining the most powerful giveaways at a trade show booth. When hiring an performer for an event, the service provided is not just the entertainment. It’s also the years of experience combined with working one on one with the client to ensure the best possible outcome.
Why does an event need entertainment? Entertainment at a party is obvious, but think of a trade show. If booth A and B are occupied by companies that offer the same services, but booth A has top notch entertainment, which one are the trade show attendees more likely to visit? Without a doubt, most of them will go where the entertainment is, which is why, historically, trade show booths with the highest success rates have entertainers. In a world of increasing entertainment avenues, it’s important to make a strong connection with potential customers.

Benefits of Using Bryan Saint

  • Nearly 15 years of experience in the entertainment business
  • Fun, positive, clean entertainment that engages everyone
  • Performances are 100% customizable upon request
  • Shows can play to more than 2,000 people
  • Motivational messages can be integrated into performances
  • Event consulting included to achieve the best outcome
  • ALL performances are guaranteed!